New Found Glory and Weezer Pay Homage to 'Back To The Future' and 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'... Sorta

Here are two fun music videos for your viewing pleasure. The first is by the band New Found Glory, who was pretty much the soundtrack to my junior or senior year in high school. I love them, but haven’t listened in a while, so it was fun to revisit. In this video, they cover the Huey Lewis and the News hit song Power of Love from Back to the Future. Not only do they play this iconic movie song, but they recreate famous scenes from the movie in the video! Some parts play out in claymation with a cute little clay Michael J. Fox, and the rest is acted out by the band members as Marty McFly and Doc Brown. It’s a fun video and a solid cover that I think you’ll enjoy.

The next music video is for Weezer’s new song, High as a Kite. It opens in the setting of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, but is changed to Mister Rivers’ Neighborhood, and lead singer Rivers Cuomo is playing the role similar to Mister Rogers. He changes his sweater and shoes just like the real guy, then starts playing the guitar with his band and singing their new song. Kids are happy, it’s cute. Then halfway through, the lights go down and the band trashes the set. Kids cry, a puppet gets thrown, it aint pretty. When the song ends, the lights come up and the band is pretty confused. The audience is gone, and it’s over. I love Weezer, I love Mister Rogers, and this song is a solid single off their new Black Album, but I’m not sure the video was altogether necessary. Oh well though, still fun to watch once.

Are you a fan of Weezer and/or New Found Glory? Do you like either of their new music videos?

via: slashfilm

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