New Fox Animated Sitcom BLESS THE HARTS Is Set in the Same World as KING OF THE HILL


Phil Lord and Chris Miller are producing Bless the Harts, a new animated sitcom from creator Emily Spivey, who has written for all your favorite TV comedies (or at least one of them). It is about a family in North Carolina, but early in her career, Spivey worked on another animated sitcom about a southern family — Mike Judge's King of the Hill, and she views the shows as existing in the same world. At a TCA Q&A she said, “I talked to Mike Judge about using Mega Lo Mart. He was so sweet he said yes. I really feel Bless the Harts and King of the Hill exist in the same world.”

This gives me all the feels, because King of the Hill was a show I used to watch with my family every Sunday, and sweet lord, we would laugh so hard. If Spivey's Harts have a smidgen of the bizarro charm the Hills and their neighbors had, it'll be a treat to watch.

Spivey also revealed that the Harts and their neighbors are inspired by her family and her hometown in North Carolina. “This is my hometown and people I grew up with. Everybody on this panel knows that everything I write secretly takes place in North Carolina. This has been a passion for me forever. I grew up with a guy who tried to have an ostrich farm. All the ostriches hated him. These are just all my people I grew up with in a mill town called High Point, NC.”

The main voice cast includes Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Ike Barinholtz, Jillian Bell, and Drew Tarver. It premieres on Fox this fall, and I can't wait to check it out.

Via: /Film

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