New GAME OF THRONES Photos Show The Massive Scope of Next Episode's Battle of The Bastards

The ninth episode of season 6 of Game of Thrones, "The Battle of The Bastards," is shaping up to be pretty damn epic. We already know it will contain the largest battle in television history, and now HBO has released some new photos showing off just how massive the scale and scope of this episode is truly going to be.

The overall sense I've gotten from season 6 so far has been: will any of this matter in the larger war to come? All of these smaller storylines seem to be heading for resolution (everything happening in King's Landing, for example), but even if Jon Snow and Sansa Stark end up winning Winterfell back, how can they possibly hold off the White Walker army that's surely on its way?

Game of Thrones airs for the next two Sundays on HBO at 9pm EST.

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