New GODZILLA Featurette Focuses on Realism

I really don't think that Legendary Pictures needs to do any more to sell us on Godzilla. It seems like most of us are already set on seeing the movie, but the studio has released a new featurette for you to check out if you want. It includes the cast and crew talking about bringing realism to the film. That may sound kind of funny since it's a movie about a giant monster of destruction, but it seems so much more stunning when it feels like it could be real. The featurette also includes behind the scenes footage as well as footage from the actual movie. The studio recently showed off an incredible scene from the film at WonderCon that showed Godzilla facing off against another creature. It would be really cool if they actually released it online for you to see, but I doubt that they will. It might just be too much awesomeness for the world to handle right now. The movie will be released in theaters on May 16th.

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