New HAN SOLO Drama Details Surface; Film Crew Breaks into Applause Over Director Ron Howard

If you are looking for more details on the behind-the-scenes drama involving the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the Han Solo film, we have some new details to share with you today. 

The following information comes from THR, and it adds on to everything we've previously heard that you can read here. It sounds like it was more than just creative differences on how the Han Solo film should've been handled. It was more than just the comedy aspect of things. It was more than just clashing with Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan

According to an inside source, the two directors also weren't prepared to work on such a huge epic project. It was just too big for them. They say because of that there were "hundreds of crew members waiting for direction" and they "were not decisive." This led to complaints from the production department. 

It's also said that the directors weren't getting convincing enough performances from their cast. Because of this, at one point an acting coach was brought in to help Alden Ehrenreich, who is playing Han Solo. That's not good! Kasdan was brought to the set to help out and get things back on track, but that didn't seem to help either. 

"Kasdan is said also to have been unhappy with the limited shots and displeased that Lord and Miller were calling out lines for the actors to try from behind the monitor rather than sticking with the script..."

A source close to Lord and Miller offered a little info giving us another side of the story, saying:

"They collaborate closely with their actors and give them creative freedom that, in their experience, brings out the actors' best performances. Lawrence Kasdan would not allow this and demanded that every line was said word for word. To appease him and the studio, Lord and Miller would do several takes exactly as written and then shoot additional takes."

The way things were going obviously wasn't working. The report said:

"Lord and Miller were not prepared to have Kasdan become a shadow director. With an impasse reached, Kennedy finally pulled the trigger."

After the directors were let go and it was announced Ron Howard would be taking over, the crew apparently broke out into applause! That's how happy the crew was to get a seasoned well-respected director on board to finish the film.

It just sounds like the whole thing was a nightmare on all sides. I just hope that in the end fans get to see an awesome Han Solo movie that will make us forget about all this drama! If you want more details, you can read the rest of the report here.