New Images of The Planet Crait From Disney Park's STAR TOURS Ride

Disney Parks has released two new photos from their upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi extension to the Star Tours ride. In the photo above you can see the Starspeeder racing through an epic battle taking place on the planet of Crait, which plays a big role in the upcoming film. The photo below features the fans enjoying the ride. 

This new addition to the ride opens up at Disneyland park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on November 17th! I think I may just have to make my way down to Disneyland to check it out over the holidays! Looks like it will be fun adventure!

When previously talking about the new planet, director Rian Johnson explained:

"It’s way out there. It’s very remote. It’s uncharted. It’s a mineral planet and so there are mines on it."

Johnson went on to say that there are some “beautiful design elements and I hope some really unique ones that we’re able to bring into it." As for the red dust that the speeders are kicking up, that's underneath a "white dusting of salt over this red, ruby-ish mineral base."

It was also revealed that Crait is the location of "an old rebel base there that’s now abandoned."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in U.S. theaters on December 15, 2017.

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