New INFINITY WAR Clip Shows The Avengers Discussing Thanos, Extended Fight Clip, and 2 TV Spots


In only a few days we will be sitting in a movie theater finally watching the story for Avengers: Infinity War unfold on the big screen! While we wait patiently for that moment to happen, we have two great new clips and a TV spot for you to watch.

The first clip features Bruce Banner telling Tony Stark about Thanos, with Doctor Strange and Wong weighing in on the conversation and adding additional details. Banner explains to Stark that Thanos is the one responsible for sending Loki to Earth to start the Battle of New York. As you might expect there's a bit of fun humor in the clip. Banner also tells Stark that Thanos already has the Power and Space Stones, which makes him "the most powerful creature in the universe."

The second clip is an extended version of a fight scene in which Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon are fighting members of Thanos' Black Order, which is pretty cool because we get to see how Black Widow takes down Corvus Glaive!

I also included two new TV spots for you to enjoy that offer a bit of new footage from the film. Some of that footage includes Doctor Stange going to Tony Stark for some help. The movie comes out on April 27th! 

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