New JOKER Images of Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime and The Director Says The Movie Will Make Fans Mad

We’ve got a new image from director Todd Phillips’ Joker movie to share with you today thanks to Empire. This is the magazine’s subscriber only cover, and it features Joaquin Phoenix in the twisted role of Arthur Fleck/Joker. This is an impressive portrait showing off the two sides of the deranged character.

This movie looks like it’s going to be incredible, and I’ve been hearing that it’s so good that it could be a major contender at the Oscars next year. I really hope that’s true! I would love nothing more than to see this movie blow audiences away. But, the director says that he thinks it will piss off comic book fans.

While talking to Empire, Philips confirmed that this new vision for the character is going to be its own "unique beast” and reveals that this isn't even a story about The Joker at all:

“We didn’t follow anything from the comic-books, which people are gonna be mad about. We just wrote our own version of where a guy like Joker might come from. That’s what was interesting to me. We’re not even doing Joker, but the story of becoming Joker. It’s about this man.”

Here’s the synopsis that has been released for the movie:

Joker centers around the iconic arch-nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. The exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disregarded by society, is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.

The film also stars Robert De NiroZazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, and Marc Maron.

Joker will be released in theaters on October 4th, 2019.

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