New LEGION TV Spot: "They're Coming and They're Going to Kill You"

FX has released a new TV spot for Legion, the new X-Men-adjacent series hailing from Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley. We've seen almost all of this footage before in the series' first full trailer, but there's a new bit with Aubrey Plaza's character giving Dan Stevens' David an ominous warning: "They're coming and they're going to kill you."

Man, Stevens really looks like he's going for it here. His character's twitchy, nervous personality couldn't be further from his charming, sociopathic character in Adam Wingard's The Guest (though they're both coincidentally named David). I haven't seen Downton Abbey, but I have to assume he plays an equally different character there, and I'm sure his version of the Beast (not the one from X-Men) will be something to behold when Disney's new Beauty and the Beast hits theaters next year. In the meantime, Legion arrives on FX in February of 2017.

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