New Multifunction Lightsaber Revealed for STAR WARS REBELS

It seems like the Star Wars that Disney and Lucasfilm is developing is going to include all kinds of new and different lightsaber designs. One of them, the crossguard lightsaber, was revealed in the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There were also rumors of another one that we'll see in the movie that you can read about here

Now we've got another one to share with you. It is a custom made multifuction lightsaber that will be used by the character Ezra in Star Wars Rebels. I love it's unique design, and the fact that it allows him to not only disengage his lightsaber, but also use the hilt of it to fire a stun blast.

The image comes from latest issue of Star Wars Insider (via Jedi News). It seems like we could see a lot of custom made lightsabers appearing in the various parts of the franchise. You can see the custom lightsaber design below:

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