New MYTHBUSTERS Series Coming and a Reality Show Will Determine New Hosts

As a longtime fan of Mythbusters I was sad to see it go after 14 seasons. I think we can all agree that hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were what made that show so great. They were the heart and soul of the series, but The Science Channel is planning on reviving the series without them.

The are going to relaunch the show with new hosts, and those hosts will be found through a reality TV show the network is launching called Search for the Next MythBusters. I already don't like this idea, but according to THR, the show will focus on finding an "all-new generation of myth-busting science superstars with mind-blowing build skills and nerves of steel." 

I understand that Mythbusters is one of the biggest properties for The Science Channel, but will fans of the series tune in for a revival without Savage and Hyneman, or will they shun it? Marc Etkind, general manager of Science Channel, had this to say about the new series:

"When I got to the network, and we clearly identified MythBusters as a franchise and something that was important to Science Channel and Discovery, and it was such a beloved show, I didn't want to let it go. So we looked really closely at what would be the best way to keep it going and invigorate it and thought, 'Let's host a worldwide search for the next MythBusters.'"

Does the network not understand that the heart and soul of this show was Savage and Hyneman? It's hard to get behind this idea, but I guess we'll see how it turns out. Etkind goes on to invite people to submit videos and describes the ideal candidates as "people who have building skills and are naturally inquisitive. People who don't mind getting embarrassed a little bit, who ask lots of questions and have the skills and knowledge to put those to the test."

The reality series to find the new host or hosts will start with 15 finalists. Those competitors will look to solve challenges that include the "classic myths from the show as well as new myths. Hopefuls will be eliminated each episode by a team of judges — comprised of those who have been involved with MythBusters at some point over the years — until the final picks are made; Etkind says that could be one person or several people, depending on what happens."

Etkind also revealed that the format of MythBusters could be tweaked for the revival. He says:

"We'll see who emerges victorious and from those folks determine what the best format is. It's a long-running goal for Science Channel to have MythBusters on the air."

So it sounds like it's a show that they will never want to end. Is this Mythbusters revival series something you can get behind? Or do you think it should have ended with Savage and Hyneman?

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