New Original Song for THE LION KING May Have Elton John Competing with Himself for an Oscar

It looks like Elton John may be facing his toughest foe yet for an award: himself (again). Thanks to a new original song for The Lion King called “Never Too Late” there’s a solid chance that John will have two songs in the Oscars category for best original song.

The other song comes from Rocketman and is called “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.” It should be noted that back in 1995, John and Tim Rice received three out of five nominations for the category, all of which were from the animated The Lion King.

Some fans are wondering if the remake of The Lion King will bring in another contender that could really give John a run for his money: Beyonce. We still don’t have the full list of tracks for The Lion King soundtrack and some are thinking Queen B may have something to offer there.

Of course, as it stands, who do you think will win, John or John?

Via: Variety

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