New Peek at the STRANGER THINGS Gang Thanks to Promotional Item

I cannot wait for the third season of Stranger Things to be released. I really enjoyed the first two seasons and can’t imagine what’s in store for fans. While many of us have been patiently waiting for a more in-depth trailer or really anything, it seems we finally have something. An image of some merchandise for the third season has popped up online, thanks to @NYCityGuys, and with that there is a picture of the whole gang. For the most part, everyone just looks like an older version of their character. However, you’ll notice that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) does have one other difference: her hair is straight. I have no idea if it’s actually significant, but it is nice to see some change.

The actual products are floaties to hold your drinks based on the hats worn by Scoops Ahoy employees. Scoops Ahoy is a chain restaurant at the Starcourt Mall. Are you excited to get one of these “beverage boats,” or are you just waiting for July 4, when Stranger Things season three hits Netflix?

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