Cool New Photo of Spider-Man From SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING and Suit Upgrade Details

A couple new photos have recently surfaced featuring Peter Parker (Tom Holland) all suited up as Spider-Man in the highly anticipated film Spider-Man: Homecoming

While talking to the LA Times, director Jon Watts talked about Spidey's new suit, which has a few upgrades that include a GPS tracking system, upgraded web shooters, a recon drone, explosive web snares, web wings, expressive eyes, and an auto-fit feature. I'm sure there will be a few other surprises. When talking about the inspiration behind these suit gadgets, Watts says:

“There’s actually a precedent for a lot of these ideas in these comics, In the very first issue of Spider-Man, there was one page dedicated to all the different things that Spider-Man can do with his webs. We would always joke about that because there’s web skis, and a web boat, and a web shield.”

He went on to talk about the web-shooter modifications saying, “We don’t go quite as far as having web skis... but you do get to see the webs doing more than just a regular strand.” We've seen some of the new suit tech in action in the trailers that have been released, but I can't wait to see what else it can do! You know marvel is saving the really cool stuff for the movie!

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