New Photos From JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 and Keanu Reeves Reveals Bruce Lee's Influence

A couple of new photos have been released from the highly anticipated action thriller John Wick: Chapter 2. The first features Keanu Reeves as Wick all decked out in his dapper suit after a hard day of kicking ass. The second image showcases a couple of the villains, played by Riccardo Scamarcio and Ruby Rose. They are in what is being called the mirror room, and in an interview with Empire, Reeves explains that it was inspired by Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon

“The mirror room was Chad’s idea. It’s his homage to Bruce Lee at the end of Enter The Dragon. The whole installation is a maze of mirrors where guys can pop out and disappear. It’s very cool and a lot of fun to fight in.”

That sounds pretty radical! There was a photo that was previously released featuring the mirror room that you can see here. There were also a couple clips teasing it in the first trailer. Director Chad Stahelski talks about how Asian cinema is a huge influence on the sequel,  explaining:

“You go watch any of the great Hong Kong guys. [you’re watching] wider shots; you're watching an extremely talented individual. If you're using fast editing to hide things, I call bullshit. That's cheating. Luckily, we have a cast member that can do it. Keanu’s been doing martial arts for 25 years. He's been trained by us, he's been trained by Yuen Wo Ping. He's been trained by Chen Yen.”

I'm glad that he called bullshit on those quick cut action sequences. I'll admit that sometimes it's done well, but I always prefer the wide shots and long uncut fight sequences over them. But seriously... who wouldn't? Reeves goes on to sum up the sequel saying:

“It’s like going back to your favorite restaurant but this time, instead of getting to the fillet, you’re getting the porterhouse.”

You'll be able to take a bite out of that porterhouse steak when the movie is released on February 10th, 2017!

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