New POKEMON Figures Are Coming to Japan

Pokémon is getting a new line of figures called Pokémon Scale World in Japan. The new figures will be a 1/20 scale and look amazing. Not all Pokémon will be released at the start, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they release more as time goes by. In addition to some of the coolest first generation Pokémon, it looks like the figure line will include some humans as well. The first batch of humans to accompany Pokémon will be Blue, Green, Red, and Professor Oak.

According to the official description, you’ll need 6 of the 10 boxes to get a complete set:

RJ Palmer on Twitter shared some pictures as well as links to a store where you can import the figures from Japan. Can you imagine when we get the Wailord figure? That’s gonna be about 72.5 centimeters! Meanwhile, Joltik is only going to be 0.5 centimeters big. Are you excited for these?

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