New Poster For JUSTICE LEAGUE Unites The League in Annoying Fashion

A new poster has been revealed for the upcoming Justice League movie. It comes with the tagline "Unite the League" and it's um... it's great. Ya. Sure. Super great.

What do you want from me? I've not been very pleased with the DCEU so far and this poster doesn't do the film any favors. The previous posters have been kinda just plain. Showing just Justice League members just standing there. No emotion, but now hey, look everyone, they're walking. This just asks so many questions. Where are they walking to? Why are they walking? Why not take the Batmobile, or the invisible jet. Hell, The Flash is famous for running so why, WHY is he just walking with the rest of them. Then there's the tagline "Unite the League. Great. Great words. Powerful words. Just smacked right on the poster. But, and I know you are gonna piss on me for being so nitpicky, but it's just off-putting that UNITE is behind Batman's head but THE LEAGUE is in front. I know why they did it. They have to show Batman's face but not completely cover the words, but it's just ... it's just annoying. 

Look, I'm pumped about the Wonder Woman movie. I think it really could be a great flick. The trailers for the Justice League movie have some promise to them. I'm not just hating on DC to hate on DC, but this poster is bland. It kind of reminds me of the biggest issue with the DCEU in general. Their characters have little personality. Besides grumpy, what is Batman? Having them all stonefaced walking in a direction in a very choreographed formation with a lens flare in the background and huge all-caps words awkwardly placed around them, make them look like they are rock stars who are above it all, but the difference is... that when a rockstar walks around with that kind of face on in an empty background, it's because he or she has earned it. This poster looks empty and condescending.

The one thing I like about Zach Snyder is that he's a good cinematographer. He makes things look pretty and stylish even if the story and writing is crap. But this doesn't even have that. The Justice League aren't models. They're heroes. Show it. Show something. Show heroes!

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