Poster Art for MARVEL HEROES 2015 MMO

Here's a very cool poster design for Marvel Heroes 2015, which is pretty much the next chapter in the free-to-play MMO video game. Marvel Heroes 2015 is a new launch for the Marvel Heroes brand that will be released today, June 4th.  This is the one year anniversary of the initial launch of Marvel Heroes.  

The game comes from Gazillion Entertainment, and they say it's a "significant step forward" for the free-to-play massively multiplayer online game and will include "sweeping improvements" like new end-game raids and alternate progression paths. They've also included the Marvel characters Gambit, Ghost Rider, Lady Loki, and Surtur. CEO David Brevik had this to say:

"Marvel Heroes 2015 nicely represents everything we have accomplished and intend to accomplish with one name. We've come a very long way since our original launch a year ago, and the now imminent release of Marvel Heroes 2015 alongside our massive anniversary celebrations marks the beginning of something even better."

I've included a trailer for the game as well. 

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