New Posters for David Fincher's GONE GIRL Are Moody and Atmospheric

I am interested to see what David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s mega bestseller Gone Girl looks like, and I am especially curious to see if he changes the ending. Anyway, here are a couple of posters for the whodunit, and they are moody and atmospheric. Ben Affleck’s Nick Dunne takes center stage as news chyron proclaims that the search for his missing wife (Rosamund Pike) continues. With each clue, it looks more and more like he’s responsible for her disappearance, but is he really?

The supporting cast includes Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, and Patrick Fugit, which is an odd assemblage, but I am super happy to see Fugit in such a big movie, because nostalgia. 

The mystery will be solved when the movie opens on October 3, but if you want to see more haunting promotional materials, check out

Thanks to IndieWire for the tip.

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