New Posters For The Live-Action BLEACH Film Show Byakuya, Renji Abarami and Uryu Ishida

I am unusually excited about the upcoming live-action Bleach film. I think it has a real shot at being great. The trailer has me sold and these new posters look awesome! They feature Byakuya who will be played by Miyavi, and he looks sweet. We also have two posters featuring the characters Renji Abarami and Uryu Ishida. 

The posters tease that something will be coming soon as they seem to be serving as a countdown. It will come 4 days from when the first poster was released (Monday), so we should be expecting some news on Friday. My guess is that it will drop a second, longer trailer to get us even more excited. Some are speculating that we’ll be getting more character posters instead of a trailer, but with the film 3 months from release, I think it’s time to give us a longer trailer. What do you think we’ll see on Friday? Are you excited for the film? I just hope that we get a western release.

Bleach will be released in Japan on July 20, 2018.

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