New POWER RANGERS S.P.D. Lineup Revealed

I will warn Power Rangers fans that there is a very minor spoiler for Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon ahead.

In Soul of the Dragon, fans learned that the son of Tommy Oliver, JJ, became the S.P.D. Green Ranger. They also know that he received the awesome Dragon Shield from his pops. We didn’t know who the rest of the team was, though. Well, now we do, thanks to Twitter. Hasbro sent out a holiday card, and it featured the full line-up.

As mentioned in the tweet, we have Bridge as the new Red Ranger, Z and Syd have stuck around as Yellow and Pink respectively, JJ is Green, Lina Song (a new character from Power Rangers HyperForce) is Blue, and Sky is the new Deka Ranger. Yes, that sixth, unfamiliar Ranger is Sky’s costume as the Deka Ranger. It looks pretty awesome if you ask me. You can check out a better picture of him below.

In addition, to the pictures, Jason Bischoff, the Power Rangers Franchise Creative Director, reiterated how S.P.D. rank works because I guess fans forget.

We may not see this team get their own show, but maybe they’ll appear in some of the awesome comics from BOOM! Studios.

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