New Promo Spot For THE WALKING DEAD Season 8 - "The World is Ours!"

If you're excited for the return of The Walking Dead, you're gonna want to watch this new promo spot for Season 8 that was released by AMC. It offers us a little taste of what's in store for the next season as Rick and Maggie give inspirational speeches to their crews before they run into battle against Negan.

Last season was really hit and miss for me. It wasn't until the last two episodes where I felt that the series was actually moving forward. For the most part, Season 7 was pretty dull... in my opinion. Creator Robert Kirkman previously said that this next season will be more action-packed, describing it as an “all-out war story.”

"So in Season 8 we’re trying to do a more fast-paced season, a more action-packed season, really focusing on momentum, and we feel like over the first seven seasons we kind of set all of the characters into place, and now it’s time to break them to a certain extent."

That sounds good to me and gives me something to look forward to! Judging by this trailer is certainly looks like things are going to get crazy intense.

Season 8 is set to premiere on October 22nd.  

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