New READY PLAYER ONE Featurette Focuses on Steven Spielberg Bringing This Epic Story to Life


Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that Ready Player One is now in theaters! This is seriously one of the most entertaining films that you'll see this year, so if you're excited to see it, race out to the theater and watch it as soon as you can!

Whether you've seen the film yet or not, you might enjoy this behind-the-scenes featurette that IMAX released. It puts the focus on Spielberg and the road he took in bringing Ernest Cline's amazingly fun book to life for the big screen.

Spielberg is easily my all-time favorite director and the fact that he was the one to jump on board to helm this film is pretty incredible. If anyone could bring this story to life in the best way possible, it's Spielberg, and I personally think he succeeded. In fact, there are even aspects of the story that he improved with the film. You can read my full review of the movie here.

The featurette include footage from the film along with behind the scenes footage of Spielberg directing and interviews with the cast and crew talking about the director and what he brought to the movie.

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