New Rumor Suggests THE NEW MUTANTS and X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Could Be Scrapped

As we already know, the release dates of director Josh Boone's The New Mutants and director Simon Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Pheonix have been pushed back due to extensive reshoots that needed to be done to fix certain elements of the films.

According to a recent rumor that originated from a trusted user on the Superhero Hype Forums, test screenings for The New Mutants have been disastrous. It's also said that director Josh Boone wasn't ready for this film and that his behavior on the set was hostile. It's said that the movie is every bit as bad as 2015's Fantastic Four reboot.

Apparently, with Disney in the middle of buying Fox, they have started to get a little more involved with what's going on and X-Men: Dark Phoenix isn't doing too well either. 

It's also rumored that several people Fox and Disney believe the films are too far gone and it would be better to just write both of these movies off at this stage rather than spending millions of dollars on reshoots and post-production work to try and salvage them.

It's said that once the deal between Disney and Fox is solidified, both The New Mutants and Dark Phoenix will be officially canceled.

I'm personally not buying into these rumors. The casts and crews of these film have expressed so much excitement in these projects. Also, reshoots are normal for big-budget films like these Lots of movies go through reshoots to fix certain elements. To scrap two movies like this, would mean losing hundreds of millions of dollars, and that seems like a terrible business decision. 

I'm sure that things aren't as bad as these rumors are making them out to be. People on the internet really like to embellish things a bit. Personally, I'm still excited to see these movies!

What are your thoughts on the rumors?

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