New Rumors About THE MANDALORIAN Talk About Episode Length and the Ship

We have some new rumors about The Mandalorian. First, according to Making Star Wars, the first Star Wars series for Disney+ will have episodes that run about 40-45 minutes. That’s not terribly surprising as a lot of shows tend to be that length with the 20-25-minute shows seemingly reserved for sitcoms, kids shows, and animated shows.

Next, come rumors about the ship that the Mandalorian will pilot. Sources indicate that the ship’s name will be The Razorcrest and it will be a Clone Wars era ship. This would make it a very old craft as the show is going to be set between the fall of the Empire and and the rise of the First Order. Finally, it is rumored that The Razorcrest will have the capability of carbon freezing.

It is important to note that all of the details listed here are nothing more than rumors and nothing has been confirmed. I’m sure we’ll learn how much truth is in these details as we get closer to the release of The Mandalorian when it launches with Disney+ some time this year.

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