New SAILOR MOON Fashion Line Lets You Defend the World in Style

Sailor Moon has definitely been making a comeback in popularity over the past couple of years after the release of Sailor Moon Crystal. I remember in the 1990’s it was pretty big here in the United States and I loved watching it with my brother. Now, there are some new Sailor Moon inspired clothes to add to your wardrobe, including the “first plus-size Sailor Moon fashion collection” according to ComicBook. The collection has been spread across Torrid, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch with each store having some unique items. In addition, Box Lunch currently has 25% off of select items, Hot Topic has 20% off their collection, and Torrid has 25% and up on select items. So, act fast to not miss out on these great deals and great clothes. Defend the world from Queen Beryl in style!

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