New Season of DOCTOR WHO Will Officially Begin in April

Thanks to the power of smart phones and social media, we have some confirmation about the start date of Series 10 of Doctor Who! RadioTimes reports that the series will begin in April, but if you don't want to take their word for it, you can hear it from Peter Capaldi himself below. 

In case you skipped the video, he said the Christmas Special will happen and then the new season will premiere in April! Of course, fans have been a bit unenthused about the latest run of The Doctor, but I've really enjoyed some episodes of the past two seasons! I think the main problem is that while the standalone episodes are great, the overarching stories of each season have really sucked. Considering we landed on a cliffhanger of Gallifrey possibly being saved, that's saying a lot. 

Let's hope the upcoming season is a bit more inspired than the last two have been. 

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