New Characters and Skin for BATTLE FOR THE GRID and Earlier Than Expected Release Date

To say I’m excited for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, is a bit of an understatement. It is a proper fighting game featuring Power Rangers and a story being written by the team that wrote the Shattered Grid storyline in the comics.

Well, there are two big pieces of news that I wanted to share with everyone. First, a skin for Red Ranger Jason was leaked during a recent livestream, and it’s the Red Ranger with the Dragonshield!

I loved this look in the show! It was the coolest thing ever whenever Jason got to wear it.

Check out the video from kwingsletsplays to hear more about that.

In addition to this awesome skin, kwingsletsplays has confirmed two more characters for the game and hints for the three secret characters that will round out the roster.

The confirmed characters are Gold Zeo Ranger (squeeee!) and White Mystic Force. The hints are that we’ll get a Blue, a Purple, and a Silver Ranger. I would love to get Blue Space TJ or Blue Ninja Storm Tori and Silver Space Zhane. I haven’t seen any seasons with Purple Rangers, but my guess is they’ll include Purple Jungle Fury. In regards to blue, I could also see them putting in Blue Beast Morpher since I think they should have one character from Beast Morphers in the game.

It is also hinted that the roster will be 15 characters which makes me believe the final character will be another villain. I think Zeltrax from Dino Thunder, Astronoma or Ecliptor from Space, or even Ransik from Time Force could be cool additions there.

Which characters of these colors would you like to see in the game?

Also, Battle for the Grid now has its official release dates. If you are planning on playing the game on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, you’ll be able to play as early as Tuesday March 26. If you play on PS4 in Europe, you can play two days later on March 28. If you’re in America and playing the game, you’ll have to wait until April 2.

Finally, if you want to play on PC, you have to wait until this summer to join in on the fun. Some of these release dates are earlier than expected as up until now, the release date was simply said to be April. You can still hurry and pre-order the game right now.

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