New STAR WARS Fan Theory Suggests Rey's Parents are Han Solo and Qi’ra

The debate on who Rey's parents really are in the Star Wars universe continues. A lot of people think that Kylo Ren was lying about Rey's parents being nobodies in The Last Jedi. If there is a big answer to Rey's parents coming, it will happen in Star Wars: Episode IX. At least that's what a lot of fans are hoping for!

While we wait for the real answer to come, a new fan theory has been shared that suggests Han Solo and Qi’ra from Solo: A Star Wars Story are Rey's real parents. Could Ray actually be their daughter? The theory claims that this "fixes everything" and that it would provide the kind of rhyming echoes of the Skywalker saga.

If this theory turns out to be true, it would make Rey and Kylo Ren half-siblings which would explain their connection with The Force much like the Luke and Leia connection. Then, obviously, it means that Kylo and Rey both come from the same father and a different mother each of which come from opposite sides of The Force.

Watch the video below, which breaks it all down for you. Let us know what you think about this theory and if you think it's a real possibility. Do you think Rey needs a famous family lineage to make fans like the character more?

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