New Trailer For JUST CAUSE 3 Promises Explosions Galore

I never had the time to play the full Just Cause 2 game when it came out, but I did download the demo for PS3 and had a blast messing around in that world, blowing up pretty much everything I could get my grappling hook on. The game felt like a more ridiculous version of Grand Theft Auto to me, one in which physics didn't matter quite as much and you could constantly use parachutes and a never-ending supply of grappling hooks to zoom around and cause as much destruction as possible.

Five years later, a new trailer has just debuted for Just Cause 3, and the game looks like it's fully embracing that ridiculous anarchy. Pretty much everything you see in this trailer explodes, and this gameplay looks like a pumped up version of what we've already seen in this franchise. The game is reportedly set to come out at the very end of this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and I might actually consider buying a PS4 just so I can get in on the action. Let us know what you think below.

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