New Trailer For Matt Damon and Christian Bale's FORD V FERRARI Races Into Action

20th Century Fox has released a roaring new trailer for their fantastic looking James Mangold (Logan) directed film Ford v Ferrari. The film tells the story of the competition and rivalry between Ford and Ferrari.

Matt Damon takes on the role of Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale plays race car driver Ken Miles. They are two of the main players in this story and it looks like they both give great performances. They will be joined by a solid supporting cast that includes Jon Bernthal, Caitriona Balfe, Tracy Letts, Josh Lucas, Noah Jupe, Remo Girone, and Ray McKinnon.

The film tells the remarkable true story of the “visionary American car designer Carroll Shelby (Damon) and the fearless British driver Ken Miles (Bale), who together battled corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.”

When previously talking about the movie, Bale said, “This is David vs. Goliath vs. Goliath. You’ve got the industrial Goliath with Ford and the charismatic Goliath of reputation with Ferrari, and then this true story of the triumph of the misfits.”

I’ve been hearing a lot of positive, exciting things about this movie from people who have already seen it and I can’t wait to check it out for myself. Ford v Ferrari will race into theaters on November 15th.

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