New TRANSFORMERS Video Game Looks Like The Classic Cartoon

Activision has announced a lot of new information on a new game they are developing that hearkens back to the old days of Transformers. It's called Transformers Devastation, and just seeing the trailer alone makes me nostalgic for the good days.

The game looks like it focuses on being able to switch between your mobility mode and battle mode pretty easily and has fantastic cell shading that makes the game look just like the old '80s cartoon. 

I personally find this to be a huge step up from other Transformers games that focus on making them look dark and gritty and realistic. I like that it's bright and fun looking. This is the game I always wanted to play as a kid. Platinum Games will be working on the game with Activision, so that could equal good news. Platinum Games worked on such games as Bayonetta and the Wonderful 101. 

Here's hoping the game is everything we want it to be! Check out the gameplay trailer below and also some pics of the game.

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