New US Trailer For John Woo's Crazy-Looking 90s-Style Action Film MANHUNT


Action-movie director John Woo has made a new action film called Manhunt and as you'll see in this new US trailer, it has a very 90s action movie style to it. I've enjoyed the action films that John Woo has made over the years and this one looks pretty crazy. 

Action maestro John Woo returns to the mold of his classic The Killer with this remake of a classic 1970s Japanese thriller, about an innocent man who sets out to clear his name after his is framed for robbery and rape. 

The movie will be released on Netflix and I'll definitely be checking it out! It's been awhile since we've seen a John Woo film like this, so I'm kinda excited about it. It's just got that pure Woo-style action-movie vibe. The last American movie he made was Paycheck back in 2003.

Manhunt will be released on Netflix on May 4th.

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