New VENOM Rumors Tease The Appearance Of Another Villain

As Marvel tries to get its story straight regarding whether or not Spider-Man will be appearing in the upcoming Venom film, another rumor has surfaced that the villain Carnage may finally make his big screen debut! The rumor came from leading man Tom Hardy, who uploaded the following image to Instagram, and then swiftly deleted it:


Now, Hardy might've just seen some fan art depicting him as Venom and shared it because he thought it was badass, completely oblivious to the fact that the character above him looked a lot like Carnage. It's also possible someone at Marvel saw this, rung him up, explained why him sharing this was problematic and that some people will interpret it as Carnage appearing in the film. This is why it's a rumor, we don't really know why these things happen until someone explains it or the film is released. 

In either case, I could totally see a post-credit Carnage creation happening in this film, but I'm not sure the character would be introduced early in the film and be a centerpiece when they're trying to establish Venom, what are your thoughts?

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