New YU-GI-OH! Art Box Will Provide Details on the Artwork of All 9600 Cards to Celebrate 20 Years

If you like card games in your anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! is king. In fact, this year is the trading card game’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, an art box with three different artbooks totaling over 800 pages will be released. The books will feature the artwork of all 9600 cards from the game including designs from the anime and the manga. A new card is also being featured called Shin Exodia which is said to be Exodia but in chibi form. Here’s a description of each book:

  • Kazuki Takahashi Art Works – This title features the designs from the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! himself.

  • Monster Art Works – The second title will show blown up artwork for each of the monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game and provide details about how each was created.

  • Card Art Collection – The third and final book will give details about each individual card.

I really want this, and I hope that it is brought to the West. It is already available to pre-order in Japan for 17,600 yen which equates roughly $161. Would you be interested in getting this collector’s piece?

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