News Overload: Watchmen, Batman, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Pokemon

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 News Overload contains all the day's news we haven't written a post for as well as cool stuff we've come across. Enjoy!

'The Dark Knight' Trilogy: Batmobile (Above) [ Yahoo ]

Scientists Created a New Form of Matter and It's Like a Lightsaber [ Gizmodo ]


10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Wars: Return of the Jedi [ IO9 ] 

Wookiee Cleans Up Nice (Above) [

Geeks Are Sexy ]

Christopher Nolan and Richard Donner talking about music and editing their films [  /Film ]

South Park: Stick Of Truth Release Date [ IGN

Incredibly detailed parody research paper explains Wolverine's regeneration ability [ Boing Boing

Original Concept: ‘Doctor Who’ Peter Capaldi Intro. (Above) [ Geeks Are Sexy ]

Geoffrey Rush Joining Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler in 'Gods of Egypt' [ THR ]

Why the TV industry won’t go the way of newspapers and the music business [ Gigaom 

First Weekend iPhone Sales Top Nine Million, Sets New Record [ Apple

‘In Fear’ Trailer: Don’t Go Down to the Woods Today (Above) [ Screenrant ]

Why Video Game Movies Suck, According to Man of Steel’s Screenwriter [ Kotaku

Inside the Intense 'Captain Phillips' Shoot: Tom Hanks' 'Mental Stress,' His Co-Star's Horrific Backstory and a 'Scary' First Day on Set [ THR

Man Builds His Own Knight Rider KITT Replica [ Geekologie

Watchmen Alternate Posters (4 Above) [ Film

AT&T to become the “exclusive carrier” for Pebble smartwatch [ Gigaom ]

SteamOS - Steam is coming to a new operating system [ Valve ]

The Voice of Rugrats’ Tommy Pickles Auditioned for The Voice [ Vulture

How much science does Breaking Bad get right? Way more than you think. (Above) [ IO9 ]

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Plans Battle Creek [ Coming Soon

‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence, Gary Ross To Re-Team On Steinbeck’s ‘East Of Eden’ For Universal And Brian Grazer [ Deadline

Djimon Hounsou Talks .. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY [ Collider

Seventeen Years of Pokemon in a Single Image [ Kotaku ]

Seventeen Years of Pokemon in a Single Image [ Kotaku ]

Fight Club In Medieval Armor [ Geekologie

Hospital Creates Superhero Fantasy To Soothe Children Undergoing Chemotherapy [ Oh Gizmo

Anatomy of a Logo: Star Wars [ TLA

What If ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R. R. Martin Wrote ‘Breaking Bad’ [ Laughing Squid ]

What If ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R. R. Martin Wrote ‘Breaking Bad’ [ Laughing Squid ]

Are you a cyberpunk? This early 1990s poster explains it all to you. [ IO9

This New Clip From Curse Of Chucky Comes With A Spoiler Warning [ Bleeding Cool

Homeland The Musical [ Youtube

‘Box’, A Short Video That Explores Real And Digital Space Through Projection-mapping Onto Moving Surfaces [ The Fox is Black ]

Star Wars Luke’s Flight Suit 30 Single T-Shirt [ Geek Alerts

This may be the strangest thing anyone's ever done to a Superman suit [ Blastr

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