Next James Bond Film Will Be Inspired by "What The World Is Afraid of Now"

Sony Pictures and MGM are definitely going to make another James Bond film, it’s only a matter of time. We just don’t really know who will be involved with it. Earlier this month a rumor hit that said Daniel Craig might not come back to reprise his role. This would make sense because he gave a series of interviews in which he sounded like he never wanted to play the character again. It doesn’t sound like Sam Mendes will be back to direct Bond 25 either.

Regardless of all that, associate producer Gregg Wilson has revealed in an interview with that they are already in early development on the film. He offered an update on their progress:

“We’ve just begun to doodle with ideas for the next movie. Each script process begins when we ask ourselves the question ‘what is the world afraid of now?’ In the case of Spectre the theme was global monitoring and utilisation of information. So now we are trying to find out what will be relevant in the coming years.”

He also spoke about what they want to do with the character:

"We always want to do something new with the Bond character, and see him in situations we have not seen him in the past. We must give the audience something new every time...often it helps to go back to Ian Fleming's novels for inspiration, whether you're talking about grades or mood." 

The quotes above are a rough translation from Google Translate, but you get the idea. I’m curious to see where Bond goes next. As much as liked Craig in the role of Bond, though, I think it’s time for another actor to take on the mantel of 007. What do you all think?

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