Next Saga for GO GO POWER RANGERS Will Bring in the Green Ranger

If you’re a fan of Power Rangers, you may want to join me in getting caught up on Go Go Power Rangers before #21 drops this July. At WonderCon, BOOM! Studios announced that Sina Grace will begin co-writing the series with Ryan Parrott with #21 and it will start the Green Ranger saga. It has been confirmed as well that this will be a new take on the origin of the Green Ranger and not just a retelling of “Green with Evil” from the original show.

According to reports, all six Rangers were friends before, but Tommy had to go to another school which is why he was separate from the others when they became Rangers. This of course put tension in their relationship as the five Rangers couldn’t tell their secret to Tommy and this supposedly will play some kind of role in the story.

Parrot had the following to say as he will be working on both comic series for Power Rangers:

Two years ago, I started on Go Go Power Rangers with the goal of crafting a series that placed an emphasis on character and focused as much on teenage relationships as it did on giant monsters. Naturally, when I was offered the chance to write Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I assumed my time exploring the personal lives of the ‘Teenagers with Attitude’ was over. Thankfully... I was wrong. Now, while the current iteration of Go Go Power Rangers is about to draw to a close, an exciting new chapter awaits.

I’m thrilled to have the incredible talents of Sina Grace and Francesco Mortarino coming onboard and I promise that Go Go’s style and sensibilities will remain constant, even as we introduce new and familiar characters, recontextualize iconic series moments and explore bold new areas of the Power Ranger mythology. I really hope you all come along for the journey.

In addition, there will be a time jump between Go Go Power Rangers: Rangers Forever #1 and Go Go Power Rangers #21. #21 will be available starting July 10.

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