Nick Frost Vs. Chris O'Dowd in CUBAN FURY Trailer

Here's a funny new trailer for the upcoming Nick Frost and Chis O'Dowd comedy, Cuban Fury. Frost plays Bruce Garrett, who uses his non-existent dancing skills to impress his smart, funny, gorgeous new American boss. O'Dowd plays Bruce's co-worker and rival, Drew, as they compete for the same woman with salsa dancing. I'm a fan of both these actors, and it looks like they've made a great comedy together. The movie also stars Rashida Jones as their boss and Ian McShane as Frost's intense dance instructor. 

There's no U.S. release date for the movie yet, but it will be released in the U.K. this Valentine's Day. Just in case you don't keep track of those kinds of things, that's February 14th.

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