Nick Fury Jr. Is Getting His Own Comic Series

While Marvel movie fans just know him as plain old Nick Fury, in the comics he's known as Nick Fury Jr. Marvel's canon response to the change of the director of S.H.I.E.L.D was to simply make him the son of the originally established Nick Fury of the comics. While this will likely never be referenced in the films (although it would be hilarious to see David Hasselhoff play Samuel L. Jackson's dad) the comics have decided to give the younger Nick Fury a comic book run just like they did his father.

i09 reports the whole series will be very old school spy era. This style even appears in the art, which you can see a preview of below...

I got nothing but support for Marvel running with this series, but I do have one question. What are the odds a father and son both lose the same eye and both opt to wear a patch? The series is set to release sometime this spring.

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