Nicolas Cage Says an R-Rated GHOST RIDER Film Would Be "Enormously Successful"

I really like the Marvel character Ghost Rider, but unfortunately the two films that have been made starring Nicolas Cage haven’t been that great. I thought the sequel, Spirit of Vengeance, was the better of the two. I enjoyed the insanity of it but it still wasn’t a great or successful movie.

Cage believes that had the films been rated R they would would have been a lot more successful. He even says that if they made an R-rated Ghost Rider film today, he’s confident that it would be a huge success. While talking to Yahoo, the actor said:

“Had Ghost Rider been made in R-rated format, the way they had the guts to do with Deadpool, and they did it again today, I'm fairly certain it would be enormously successful.”

I agree with that to a point. Sure an R-rating would entice the fans to see the movie. But in the end, it’s putting together a great story and script that matters the most. You give the fans a film that’s true to the character and tells a great story with an R-rating… then yes, the movie would be a big hit just like Deadpool and Logan.

If you’ve read the comics, then you know it wouldn’t be hard to tell an R-rated Ghost Rider story. After all, the story centers on a stunt motorcyclist named Johnny Blaze who sells his soul to the demon villain Mephisto in an attempt to save his father's life. The consequence to this was having his soul bonded to hellfire, which would consume his body. This is actually quite a painful and terrifying process that has never been fully realized in the movies.

I hope that one day Marvel Studios gives Ghost Rider another go. The question is, do you think they’d even consider making a R-rated version? If they didn’t I’m still sure they’d come up with a great story to tell that’s better than what we’ve previously seen made.

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