Nightmarishly Bizarre Reimagining of THE SIMPSONS Intro

An artist by the name of Yoann Hervo who resides in Paris, France has reimagined the classic opening sequence of The Simpsons, and it is the most insane thing that you’ll see all day. After watching this video, I couldn’t help but imagine Hervo dressed as a creepy evil clown as he made this. This is exactly something that I’d see in my nightmares. The bizarre video came with the following note:

This opening is just a small part of a collaboration project made up by Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon, and James Hatley. The original idea was to invite some animators to produce, in their own style, a short story in the Simpsons universe. Despite the fact that the project hasn’t been achieved, I wanted to finish what I started. Thank you.
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