Nightmarishly Insane Trailer For the Horror Film GHOSTLAND

The first trailer has been released for a crazy looking horror film called Ghostland and what I'm seeing is some high-energy nightmarish stuff. As you'll see, this story is going to be filled with some sinister content. I like what I'm seeing in this trailer and it looks like a film that I'll enjoy watching because I'm a horror movie freak.

The story begins in a house where a mother is forced to fight off intruders to save her two daughters. Still traumatized by the events that took place in the house, the girls grow up to have completely different personalities. When they reunite at the house once again, terrifying things start to happen. Here's the synopsis:

Following the death of her aunt, Pauline and her two daughters inherit a house. But the first night, murderers enter the house and Pauline must fight to save her daughters. A drama that will traumatize the whole family but especially affect differently each of the girls whose personalities will diverge further after this nightmarish night. While Beth becomes a renowned author specializing in horror literature, Vera gets bogged down in destructive paranoia. Sixteen years later, the family is reunited again in the house that Vera and Pauline never left. Strange events will then begin to occur…

The movie was directed by French director Pascal Laugier (Martyrs) and it stars Crystal ReedTaylor HicksonRob ArcherEmilia JonesAdam HurtigAnastasia PhillipsMylène Farmer, and Alicia Johnston

Ghostland then opens in US theaters sometime in April 2018.

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