Nintendo Has Unveiled the Nintendo Switch Lite


At least some of the rumors surrounding Nintendo have turned out to be true. A lot of buzz has been going around about Nintendo releasing new versions of their very popular Nintendo Switch, a more powerful one and a stripped down one. Well, Nintendo has officially unveiled the stripped-down Switch and it’s called Nintendo Switch Lite. NSL is what many have expected from Nintendo, a pure handheld experience.

The screen on the NSL is a little smaller at 5.5” which does have the benefit of helping the battery life increase to an estimated 3-7 hours and the weight has dropped from 0.88 lbs to 0.61 lbs. This smaller and liter form factor makes the NSL ideal for playing your favorite Switch games on the go. However, as I mentioned earlier, it is a pure handheld experience. This means that you will not be able to connect it to your TV. You will not be able to play this system in Tabletop mode. This limits your games library some as certain games like Super Mario Party do not support play in Handheld mode.

Also, you cannot remove the controllers, and said controllers are limited. They don’t feature HD Rumble or IR Motion Camera. You will notice that the controls do look slightly different though. Because you cannot remove the controls like Joy-Con, they’ve given players a real D-pad on the left side instead of four buttons that can act as a D-pad or main buttons.

However, these compromises do result in a much lower price. The NSL will have an MSRP of only $199.99 which is $100 less than the Nintendo Switch. It will also launch on September 20 in three colors, gray, turquoise, and yellow. You can find out more information about the differences here, and more about the NSL in general here.

Finally, Nintendo has announced that there will be a special Pokémon edition of the NSL that launches on November 8. This version is gray with blue controls on the left and magenta controls on the right to represent the new Legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Shield and Sword, Zacian and Zamazenta who are illustrated on the back.

Which version of the NSL are you going to pick up?

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