Nintendo Reveals Joker and Ver 3.0 Details and Release Date is Tomorrow

Nintendo has finally done it. After waiting patiently, Nintendo has finally revealed when Joker will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which also means we’re getting the Version 3.0 update we’ve been waiting for. The update will go live tomorrow, April 17!

If you’ve pre-ordered the DLC fighters, you’ll get Joker and the stage Mementos. Not going to lie, Joker looks like he’s pretty cool, and simply based on the trailer footage, he looks extremely powerful. His specials let him shoot people with his gun, use a grappling hook, and even use Eiha. However, once he fills up his Rebel’s Guard gauge, he can unmask and reveal his persona Arsene. This makes him evermore powerful and gives him the ability to counter and reflect attacks.

Joker’s not the only new addition though. Mii Fighters are getting new costumes including several Persona themed ones as well as Tails and Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog. Those will also be available for purchase.

If you don’t want to drop money on the game, there’s still plenty for you from this update. First, Stage Builder is coming to the game. You can create custom stages for you and your friends to battle on when you’re tired of the included stages.

Also, a new Video Editor mode is coming that lets you take those videos of your Smash games and create little videos with them all on the Nintendo Switch! Of course, this content is good, but it gets even better when you can share it. That’s right, Nintendo will allow fans to share custom videos, stages, and even Mii Fighters online through the game.

Finally, Nintendo has introduced some new functionality called Smash World into the mobile app. In addition to voice chat, players will be able to create Spirit teams, watch videos, look at custom stages, and more all from their mobile phone. If you find a stage you like, you can even queue it to begin download when you get home.

Overall, this is a pretty impressive update. I’m excited to give Joker a try as well as the updated Stage Builder mode. I just hope they bring Home Run Contest back in the update.

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