Nintendo Wants You to Work Out While Playing the Adventure Game RING FIT ADVENTURE


Nintendo is trying to get gamers active again. During the latest Nintendo Direct, we saw a brief moment of people with a weird wheel and leg strap, but there were no details given. Now, we know more. These accessories are for use with the upcoming new game Ring Fit Adventure. This is an adventure game that is controlled with the ring-con and leg strap. In order to move, you’ll have jog in place. Combat will have you perform exercises like a thigh press or squat. Basically, it seems like they took the idea of Wii Fit and then tried making it an adventure game instead of a fitness game. Maybe this one will actually catch on. The best part is that the main bad guy is a bodybuilding dragon. That’s pretty fantastic.

In the Ring Fit Adventure game, players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life exercises to perform in-game attacks. The new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories that are included with the game respond to the player’s real-world movements, allowing the game to turn them into in-game actions, like jogging in place to move your character through the world using the attached Leg Strap, or squeezing the Ring-Con and turning that strength exercise into powerful attacks. By playing the game daily, players can regularly work out various parts of their bodies. With additional mini-games and workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience for players of various skill levels and lifestyles.

Of course, there will also be minigames as well as sets where you can further focus on your daily fitness. Ring Fit Adventure will be available on Nintendo Switch on October 18.

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