Nissan Partners With Lucasfilm For ROGUE ONE Car And STAR WARS VR Experience

Nissan has partnered with LucasFilm studios to help them develop a new car and the first VR experience the studio has ever created. First, let's talk about the Nissan Rogue One, which I recently saw when I went with Nissan out to San Francisco, California!

The Star Wars bells and whistles on the 2017 Nissan Rogue One are subtle, but somehow manage to be sleek and geek at the same time. With two color options (black and white) the first major thing you'll notice that is Star Wars about this car is the metal engraving on the side signed off on by none other than Kathleen Kennedy herself. Work your way into the interior and you'll see lighted logos for the franchise as you enter, Rogue and Rebel alliance cup holders, and a sweet decal along the back side. Purchase one of these bad boys and you'll also get a limited edition Death Trooper Helmet, which is only being given out to the 5,000 people who purchase this vehicle.

On the tech side, Nissan has partnered with Industrial Light & Magic to create their first ever foray into the VR world, ”Battle Test: A Nissan 360-Degree Virtual Reality Experience.” The experience (which looks incredible) can be downloaded today on Oculus, Samsung VR, Steam, Discovery VR and other VR platforms. A 360 version of the video is also expected to be uploaded to Nissan's YouTube channel. If you don't have VR, the experience gives you a first person perspective of the popular ad the company launched last year:

The app, while a marketing technique, is worth checking out for sure as it's the first VR app for Industrial Light & Magic and absolutely reeks of the quality they're known for. Hands down, this is the most visually impressive VR app I've seen to date. Check out some screenshots below:

Pick up the app for FREE on Steam today and all other devices. What are your thoughts on the car? To be honest, I never thought I would be an SUV guy, but those small SUV's can really move!

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