Noir Style Sci-Fi Short Film - 300,000 KM/S

I have a wonderfully unique sci-fi film for you to check out today called "300,000 km/s." It comes from filmmaker Stéphane Réthoré, and it's a time travel movie that was inspired by the classic American and French noir and sci-fi films of the 1950s. What you are about to watch is a proof-of-concept short for a feature film version that they are currently raising funds for. Here's the synopsis:

Lucien Lacroix, inventor, has resumed the researches of his late father and created a watch that permits the wearer to travel in time. Deciding to go to Geneva to patent his invention, he’s followed by two mysterious individuals...

I think this is great and worth the 17-minutes of your time to watch. Since it's a noir film, you should expect a slow build up, but it gets really good near the end, and it left me wanting more. It's an ambitious story that is beautifully told, especially through the visuals. I hope you enjoy this one. The film is in French, but you can click on the CC tab in the embed to get subtitles.

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