Now We Have a STAR WARS Backstory on Why Greedo Hates Han Solo!

Thanks to the Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View anthology book we are getting all kind of little details and backstories on certain characters. We recently shared a story that revealed why Darth Vader warned Boba Fett about not wanting him to disintegrate people. Now we have a new Star Wars backstory that tells us why Greedo hate Han Solo.

The one time we see Han Solo and Greedo meet, Solo shoots him and kills him because he's not going to let Greedo take him. The two obviously have a past with each other, and now we have some details about that past and it's actually kinda interesting.

The reason that Greedo hates Han Solo is because of a woman. That's right! They both were trying to get the same woman. Her name was Uncelta and she was "everything Greedo cherished in a woman." But guess what happened?! She chose Han Solo! Wouldn't you? 

It's kind of interesting that Greedo and Solo have the same taste in women. I would have never thought that! Does that mean Greedo could have had a thing for Leia if they got to meet? 

This is the first time the name Uncelta has been mentioned in the Star Wars universe, but will it be the last? There are no details on the character but I guess there's a possibility that she could pop up in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie. Could she be a character being played by either Emilia Clarke or Thandie Newton?  Hell, maybe she's not even human at all! We'll just have to wait and see. 

What do you think about Solo, Greedo, and Uncelta's little love triangle that led the bounty hunter and smuggler to hate each other? 

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