Nozomi Entertainment Reveals Most Popular GUNDAM Series in North America


Mobile Suit Gundam is a very popular franchise across the world and Nozomi Entertainment has recently revealed the three most popular Gundam anime in North America. In first place is my favorite series Gundam Wing followed by Gundam MS 08th Team and then G Gundam. Interesting enough, these three aired on Toonami in the afternoon back in the 2000s.

Each of these series is also extremely different in their stories. Wing is more of your superhero team of 5 kids saving the world, 08th Team is a war anime, and G is a globetrotting martial arts tournament a la Street Fighter. This gets me all nostalgic so I think I’m going to go get some gunpla from these series and build them as I watch them. What’s your favorite Gundam series?

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